SayIt: find relevant niche subreddits with this tool

“If it exists, there’s a subreddit for it”. That’s reddit catchphrase, and with 1.2 million subreddits at the beginning of 2018, it could well be true. If the most popular ones are often too crowded and generic, the smaller and specialized subreddits have the best on-point content. The only problem is that they are hidden and harder to find. SayIt is a free tool that helps you find related subreddits for any given one.

Find specialized subreddits in your niche

SayIt shows a network map of all subreddits connected to each other, inferring the similarity by looking directly at the activity of the users. The relationship is determined by the metric “users who posted to this subreddit also post to…”. In other words, it shows subreddits where the same redditors post and comment.

This is a great way to find boards about the same content, just dealt from other or more focused angles.

For example, looking up r/EmailMarketing, I find it’s closely related to r/MarketingAutomation, r/DigitalMarketing and r/content_marketing. At the same time, it’s also connected to more distant topics such as r/SEO, r/EcommerceWebsites and r/zapier. Even unrelated ones like r/BankOfAmerica and r/glutenfreerecipes share some relationship.

These connections exist because the same users are active in all those boards.

Network map of subreddits related to r/EmailMarketing.

Moreover, click on a subreddit and you can even see posts, number of subscribers and users currently online. Double click a node and you can start a new search around it.

Subreddits for work and fun!

While it’s not exhaustive, SayIt can easily identify connections that you would hardly spot on reddit itself. Doing consecutive searches can give you quite granular results.

If you’re using reddit to drive clients to your business, this is a wonderful tool: you can find new subreddits for your content and similar audiences to connect with.

It can be a good addition in your keywords research strategy, especially for internet terms and acronyms.

Similarly, you can use it to gain insight about your target customers as well, possibly finding common touch points and interest.

And if you’re simply looking for more stuff to read, share and enjoy… well, it works wonders for that as well!

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