I started a Master!

A piece of news about me. Some time ago I got this newsletter in my work email about a Master course.

I looked it up… And it actually seems pretty good!

However… it costs 3.600€!
Luckily, I see that there are some scholarships available…

I decide to apply and… it was granted! I only had to pay a nominal fee of 180€…the rest is covered!

So yeah! I started a Master! 🙂

It’s called “Master in Global Marketing, Communication & Made in Italy“. It’s organised by “Learning Center Business Communication” and “The Italy-USA Foundation” and sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Education. It seems pretty legit.

Here are the things I like the most after checking it out a bit:

  • Most of the topics are interesting (not all though).
  • After the courses, there is a mandatory project work. You can choose between two projects:
    – Develop a marketing Plan for the Sky TG24 channel “All News”
    – Develop an online and e-commerce strategy to market an Italian brand or product.
  • When the Program is completed, your name is added in a database of professionals, which is promoted to business by the Master organizers.
  • It’s online, so I can do it at my own pace within a year

There are also downsides. First, the online platform looks pretty outdated. It requires Flash and it does not have the sleek look and seamless performance of modern platforms I’m used to, such as Kajaby for instance. Moreover, a few topics are a bit outdated and contain old data. An update would certainly do those parts good.

Still, I’m pretty satisfied. I hope to finish it quickly, as I’m eager to take on that project work!

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Alessandro De Vecchi

Marketing, web, and anything-tech enthusiast.
Newbie blogger, spends his nights studying, testing, creating content and job hunting.
Gray and blue are his favourite colours. Loves minimalism.

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