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Privacy Policy


Owner and data controller
Alessandro De Vecchi 
via Campi Neri 7 
38023 Cles (TN) – Italy
Owner contact email:

On this website, personal data can be collected: if provided directly from the user (e.g. contact form, chatbot interaction, etc); automatically with the use of cookies (e.g. website analytics).

Among the types of Personal Data that this website collects, by itself or through third parties, there are: Cookies; Usage Data; email address; first name; last name.

Cookies are considered accepted when you close the cookie notice banner AND automatically when you continue using the website (scrolling, clicking).

Personal information (email address, first name, last name) are collected only when you interact with some of my content (i.e. newsletter, presentation sequence, Messenger chatbot).

Data is stored according to the default settings of each tool.

Data can be deleted on request (non-anonymized and non-aggregated information).

No personal information is ever shared or used unfairly.

Tools used

  • Google Analytics. Collects anonymous and aggregate data about website statistics (total visits, clicks, etc.), visitors data (country, device used, etc.), visitor behavior (page visited, session length, etc.).
    Privacy policy
  • Google Tag Manager. Allows for easy implementation of other tools.
  • SendInBlue. Email automation software. When you provide your contact information, it will send you the desired content (currently: about me sequence; updates/newsletter). If provided, contact information can be used to customize the content (e.g. instead of “Hello” I can use “Hello [YourName]”).
    Privacy policy
  • ManyChat. Chat automation software. You can connect with my chatbot on Facebook Messenger. It accesses your basic profile details, only after you start chat interaction (e.g. click a button). Contact information can be used to customize the content (e.g. instead of “Hello” I can use “Hello [YourName]”). Subscriptions tracked in Google Analytics as well.
    Privacy policy
  • NinjaForms. Allows you to send me an email directly from the website.
  • Calendly. Meetings management tool. If you book a call or chat, it sends me the information you provided.
  • HotJar. Anonymized data collection to better understand how visitors interact with the website (heatmaps and recording).
    Privacy policy
    Cookie information
  • Facebook. The Facebook Pixel tracks user activity and sends data back to Facebook.
    Privacy policy
  • AddToAny. Allows you to share blog posts on social media. Clicks and shares statistics integrated into Google Analytics.
  • Lightweight Social Icons. Simple icons with links to social pages. Clicks tracked in Google Analytics.


Technical and analytical cookies are used on this website. By closing the banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies.

  • Google Analytics
    Privacy policy:
  • Hotjar
    Privacy policy
    Cookie information
  • Facebook (Pixel)
    Privacy policy

Refer to the previous section for details.

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